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Draft ACBL Alert Procedure - Request for Comments

In November 2018 a new set of Convention Charts went into effect in the ACBL. Since that time a subcommittee of people has been working on updating the Alert Procedures, both to integrate with the new charts and also to reflect the changes in "standard" bridge since the last alert procedure update. In addition an attempt was made to make the rules easier for players and directors to follow. Just as with the new Convention Charts there is a substantial Examples section.

We invite your comments on the current draft proposal. Feel free to respond in this thread or to send me a private message. Just as substantial improvements were made to the Convention Charts from community feedback, we look forward to the same here.

Before any new procedures go into effect they will need to be approved both by the full ACBL Competitions and Conventions Committee and also by the ACBL Board of Directors.

For those who do not wish to read the full document, here are some of the proposed changes:

  1. Announcing a wider range of transfers.
  2. Pre-alerting one's general system for more systems.
  3. Removing the alert for support doubles/redoubles.
  4. Removing the alert for natural weak and invitational jump shifts.
  5. Adding an alert for any artificial 2C opening bid that is not Very Strong by the Convention Chart definition.
  6. Adding an alert fora direct cuebidthat is not Michaels (e.g., Top and Bottom).

My sincere thanks to my fellow committee members for their work on this project: Tom Carmichael, Greg Herman, Michael Rosenberg, Matt Smith, Danny Sprung, and Sol Weinstein.

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