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Drop ins to the Blue Ribbons

I just got an email from the ACBL promoting the Soloway KO. Included was the statement that those making the quarterfinals would be unable to play in the Blue Ribbons.

I don’t want to relitigate the pros and cons of the Soloway in the court of public opinion, but I would like to make the case that anyone who reaches the quarterfinal of the Soloway and is eliminated should be able to join the Blues on day 2.

To be clear, this is disadvantaging me as a participant in the Blues; I don’t expect to enter the Soloway KO because Thanksgiving weekend is an important family time for me. Even if I entered, my chances of reaching the quarterfinals would be far less than my chances of being one of the qualifiers bumped out by drop ins (either for day 2, or if day 2 quals were increased for day 3).

I think the 3 day pair event at each nationals should be as free from conflicts with major team events as possible. Allowing drop ins should help.

If I remember correctly it was 2016 when Meckwell dropped in from the Senior KO and won the Blues. To me this is evidence that drop ins should be allowed. IMO it made the Blues a better event.

I suspect that it is too late for this year, but I hope the board will reconsider and allow drop ins, at least in this case. I understand there are issues about carryover, masterpoints for concurrent events etc to resolve, but I believe that these can be resolved and allowing drop ins will make a better event.

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