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EBU regulations HCP upgrading.

Time to see if I understand this correctly.  


HCP is A=4 K=3 Q=2 J=1   with no variation allowed.


If I hold 7HCP it doesn't matter how good I think my hand is I cannot under any circumstances unless I want to be immediately ruled against bid 1 of something holding 4 or more of the suit the 1 bid shows.

If I am playing a strong club I cannot bid 1 with any hand of 15HCP unless I have 5+ controls A=2 K=1.

If I am playing 15-17 NT I can bid with any 14 counts I like and call them upgrades.  I don't seem to have to change my range to 14-17 or mention it anywhere.

If I write 11-22HCP for my 1 level openers it is completely normal to open axxxxx ajxxx x x  at the one level.

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