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Effect of the Recent ACBL Rules about opening 1NT with a singleton

Yesterday my partner opened 1NT with a singleton spade: 8,Axx,Q87x,AKQJx. I ended up in 5D and when the dummy went down one of my opponents called for the director. We were informed that we obviously have an agreement about doing this and would be penalized 3 IMPS for each further infraction. With this new rule (one can only open 1NT with a singleton Ace,King,or Queen), the ACBL is forcing us to bid poorly. If we were to give this hand to a group of experts, I imagine that opening 1NT would be the majority vote because it is least of evils. Otherwise one would need to either make a light reverse, or make a canape bid, or underbid, or overbid, after partner responds 1 Spade. We are opening 1NT with this hand type NOT because we are trying to be deceptive or because we are trying to trick the opponents. Furthermore, we still Texas transfer with a weak 6 bagger in a major, so that i itself proves that our approach is NOT systemic. If playing 15-17 as a 1NT opening range, we only do with it 16 points and mostly when the 5 card suit is lower than the 4 card because otherwise we could bid naturally. In addition, we only do it with 16 points because we can slightly underbid with 15 points by rebidding 1NT and slightly overbid with 17 points by rebidding 2NT. The bottom line is that we think that this is a horrible rule and needs to be corrected. Comments please.


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