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English Bridge Union: New "Blue Point" bridge holidays for club players

Just sharing information here --

"Starting in 2014 the EBU will be offering a selection of mid-week holidays in various parts of England . . . 

These new holidays are aimed at social players, and we suggest that they are most suited to players who are ranked below Regional Master, and whose NGS grading is no higher than a Jack.  If you are unsure whether you fall into this category, please call . . . 

Each hotel has been selected to meet a high specification, and each has excellent facilities, including spas, swimming pools and saunas in all hotels -- plus golf, tennis and fishing in some.  All venues also offer free parking . . . "

The attached flyer  also states that there is no lower limit, but that players need to be able to play at a "respectable" pace, and without notes.


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