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Entering leads on Bridgemates

I'm soliciting opinions on entering the card led on the Bridgemate in club games. (I did search here on this topic, I tried various search terms but never got less than 4900 hits so I'm not wading through that many threads to see if it has been discussed before).

Background: our local clubs use Bridgemates, we enter the hands after the first round, we have websites where people can look at the results, travellers, see what can be made double dummy, play the hands again etc. We don't have a dealing machine. We are in ACBL land.

A few weeks I was directing at one local club and set things up so that people would need to enter the lead card. (The carrot for them to do that was that I made up the boards ahead of time so they didn't have to enter the hands.)

There were some complaints that the lead is useless information - they don't look at the web site so why enter the leads , other people said they tried it elsewhere and stopped it because people didn't like to have to do it, and on and on. So a couple of weeks later the head director had a show of hands vote and the majority wanted them off.

It seems many of the newer like the additional info, and many of the more experienced players didn;t like it.(as one of them said "I never look at the hands afterwards.")

At the other club we've been entering leads, with the same grumbling and complaining, but we haven't turned the feature off.

Besides the learning benefits, I also find that it enforces some discipline in entering the contract in the correct direction. It may not matter that much in a lot of cases if the contract is entered as 4 spades in the North instead of the South but it sure matters if it is entered as 4 spades in the East!

Your thoughts?


We have leads turned on and I like it
We have leads turned on and I don't like it
We don't have leads turned on and I wish we did
We don't have leads turned on and I'm glad we don't

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