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Error Error on the wall - the brainstorming session

Hello all,

I would like to make a glossary of bridge type of errors.

The goal is to have a root cause analysis of poor results and finding out where a player, partnership or team first need to look for improving themselves.

I will start with a few obvious ones:

1. Lack of knowledge. Eg: Playing AK with Qxxxx outside instead of finessing (with all other things being equal of course)

2. Misjudging. Eg Playing again for the drop although you very well know the rule but deliberately ignore it. I think there are many more types of "Misjudging"

3. Revoke. Are you an inexperienced player or just a tired one?

4. Bidding sequence not discussed.

5. Forgetting the system

Please add as many types of errors as you like and don't forget the two main rules of brainstorming:

- anything goes

- nothing other people say is wrong

Cool names for errors are welcomed.

Thank you

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