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Est. # of top 16 Vanderbilt cheaters.

  The October Bridge World lists the top 16 teams that played for the Vanderbilt in New Orleans.  All 4 recently accused/admitted cheating pairs are on those 16 top teams.  If any of these pairs had used more sophisticated methods they might not have been caught.  If they had varied their signals, the much watched videos would not have shown any patterns. So how many more cheaters are likely to be on those 16 top teams?


  The 2011 FBI statistics say that only 21.5% of thefts were solved.  I chose to use the theft rate because it seemed closest to cheating. (They "stole" a good board.) If we assume only 21.5% of the bridge cheaters in the top 16 teams have been caught, that would would leave 14 or 15 cheaters uncaught or on average just less than 1 pair per team. Now you could use the FBI rate for which murders are solved: 60%. (They "murdered" us.) That would leave 3 or 4 cheating pairs uncaught on the top 16 teams.


You may not like my math, it is a bit hokey, but if even only half of the top cheaters have been caught, there are many more out there.

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