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Ethical bidding?

Weekly daytime pairs. We are NS. Our boards come from the table behind me. 2-board rounds.

The pair at the table just behind me like to discuss the boards they have just played. I have asked them a couple of times to do this more quietly. When this had no palpable effect I mentioned the problem to the director.

This reached a low point when I clearly heard a score: "2140". I discreetly found the director and told him what had happened, and that I would try to deal with the boards as ethically as possible.

On Board 15 we are clearly in grand slam land when partner opens 1 and I am holding 


My problem now is to bid this hand as if I don't know that 7 makes. For the moment I can bid 1, no problem. Partner rebids 2. Since we play a weak NT, this is too distributional and/or too strong for a 1NT opener. At this point it seems to me that I can either show diamond support (and therefore slam interest) by splintering, or start to pattern out starting with 3. Both of these are imperfect, I think - splintering with a stiff A is generally to be avoided, and bidding 3 will suggest a 5-4 (or more) shape initially. At the time I also struggled with: 'which choice is more in line with "not knowing" that this deal makes 7'.

I posted the two hands as bidding problems but without gaining much additional insight. In retrospect, I tend to think that after a 3 rebid it is going to be difficult for either hand to take control. A splinter, however flawed, allows opener to gauge how the hands might fit more effectively. An added factor is that we play 4m as Minorwood when a minor has been agreed in a GF auction.  I am not sure whether we would have reached the grand unless opener is able to take control. It is still not 100% clear to me whether - at MP - I should have constructed an auction that would end in 3NT if partner can provide a second spade stopper.

I have decided to request EW seats at this game in future. The games can be quite large (great!) but this puts the tables close together along the NS axis (not so great!).

Apologies to Guido for the bidding polls with no apparent problem to be solved :)

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