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Ethics applied to a playing director

Last night was my turn to direct the Friday night Unit game.  As per custom, the director plays if an odd number of players show up for the game.  Late in the session, I was called to a table regarding a BIT on a board I had yet to play.  The deal involved a member of the NOS backing in to P-3-P-3NT-P-P at favorable vulnerability, followed by a long huddle by the 3NT bidder and 5 by the preemptor.

In my last round, I held the 3NT hand, and the auction again proceeded P-3-P-.  My hand was KQ10x A8xx A10x Q9.  So I didn't think this was much of an ethics problem, and bid 3NT (which I suspected was doomed from the actions at the other table).  It was doomed, but I managed to muddy the waters sufficiently that I was allowed to make 9 tricks.

I think I did the right thing.  Comments would be appreciated, though.

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