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Ethics At the Club

I faced two interesting situations the other day.

1) Our auction started:

P-1D-P-1S, 2C-2S-P-4S

Pard alerted my 2S (correctly) since it showed extra values (either a strong notrump or an unbalanced hand).

When the dummy hit, RHO (an emerald life master) mentioned that it would have been nice if we had alerted, so he'd know I promised extra values. We pointed out that we had alerted, and he admitted that we had, but he'd ignored it (thinking we alerted to say it promised four spades). Just to clarify, he's a friend and was just making conversation, not really complaining.

I think this situation is really interesting, since the support-double-situation 2S promising four trumps isn't alertable, and that's very good for just this situation. However, people like Bobby Wolff insist it should be alerted (conveying essentially no useful information) and preventing the alert procedure from functioning properly. God forbid we have to go back to special alerts.

2) I psyched and got a top. Not that interesting.

Later, my opponent, a lovely LOL, asked me, nicely, not to psych against her again. She said she plays to have fun, and doesn't want to be angry. I didn't say no, but I wasn't sure how to respond.

a) She finished seventh out of seven pairs her direction.

b) She was more than six boards out of sixth (second to last) place.

c) Is it fair to the field if I don't try my best against her?

d) Is it fair to her if I don't make some random swing against her? Move one card here or there and she would have had a top.

e) I asked the director, and he said to tell her I wouldn't do it again, but warn her that, in the heat of battle, I might forget. There's no way I'm going to lie like that.

f) Is it fair to the field if I tell my partner, that I won't psych against this lady? That I won't psych in this club? That I won't psych at any club? That I won't psych if either opponent is over 70? If either opponent is a non-LM?

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