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Ever picked up AKQJT98765432 (not all in the same suit)

Last year, in a tournament held by a club in the South of Auckland, I picked up a balanced 10 count.

Not a lot of fun to be had there but I noticed that my ten HCP were made up of one of each of the top four cards - scattered across the suits. Looking briefly at the top pips I realized that I held one T and one 9. I scanned down the rest of the cards and saw that indeed I held one of everything.

I had gone along to the event with a bunch of friends and at the end of the event, I checked who else had been sitting South on that board and asked if they had noticed. They had not.

I asked some of the other players and could not find anyone else who had spotted that.

That surprised me and I then tried to work out the likelihood of such a hand turning up.

I play a lot of bridge and I worked out that I might pick up such a hand once in every 90 years.

Then, last Monday, at a coaching session, I got it again. I asked coach if he had created the hand, he said no and asked if I though that I knew it. That would have surprised him as he picked it out of a hand that had been played in a recent tournament in Norway. I put the cards down as dummy in order AKQ... and it turned out that coach had not realized the rather odd nature of the hand and that none of the players who had seen the hand in that tournament had noted the strange feature.

Perhaps my calculation was off or perhaps I should start playing 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 on the lottery.

How frequently would you expect such a hand and how would you calculate the odds of one such hand turning up?

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