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Expert Defenses to Two-Suited Overcalls

The "standard" defense to a direct, two-suited overcall in which both of the overcaller's suits are known requires little more than an agreement about which cue bid shows a limit raise or better, the other cue bid presumably showing a game force with length in the fourth suit. Double is penalty and shows defense against at least one of the overcaller's suits. Free bids, including raises, are natural and non-forcing.

That seems to be as far as it goes for most partnerships. I'd like to know what recent expert thinking is on questions such as:

1. To what level does a double of a two-suited overcall force the partnership?

2. Is a 2NT response natural and non-forcing?

3. What does opener's cue bid of an overcaller's known suit show?

4. What else should I be asking?

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