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In a pair event, LHO leads the 9 of spades against a 3NT contract. The auction was (silent opponents): 1NT - 2 - 2 - 3NT.

Dummy's spade holding is QJ106 opposite your 432.

You ask RHO what their leads are, and you are told "4th best."

It turns out that LHO has A9875 of spades.

You ask LHO why she led the 9 of spades, and are told that they lead "top of sequences."

A director is called. She states that there is no need to get any further explanation from your opening lead inquiry, because leading the 9 here is standard. Furthermore, it is so standard, you are not able to protest that you were harmed by not receiving this information.


The director is correct. This is standard and you are not entitled to any additional information other than "4th best."
RHO should have stated "4th best and top of interior sequences." You should be able to lodge a protest if you feel you were harmed by the failure of RHO to disclose this.

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