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explore the world of bridge on the internet

explore the world of bridge on the internet

OK…enough bridge hands. I met someone the other day who never heard of bridge! Something is wrong. The media is ignoring us, except for a few stories about successful business personalities who play bridge, some pics of bridge playing in retirement communities, some PR when we come into a town with a NABC and the occasional scandal. We do have bridge columns, but we once had a section in Sports Illustrated! We need to develop our own stars and grab some serious press. A 100 million (?) play social bridge all over the world and organized bridge is healthy and growing in many countries.

We have one of the best games of all times, the resources and organizations, the entrepreneurs, the stars and personalities, the national and International big events, and now we have the Internet. Word is that ‘the word’ spreads fast on the net.

Websites, such as Bridge Winners, are bringing players together for a better bridge experience. There are websites focusing on youth, online lessons, teachers, online activities and play, International news, major events, marketing, travel, books, supplies, software, bridge tools, robot play, blogs and forums, great video clips on YouTube and more. I’ve put together a webpage “explore the world of bridge on the internet” as a step toward looking at the big picture, with a focus on ways to spread the word to youngsters and adults.

It’s a domino effect…if bridge is cool, kids will want to play...adults will be interested in everything from human interest stories to who’s who in the bridge world…and the media will follow, as well as sponsors.

I hope to have a brainstorming session, hosted by the ACBL, at an NABC this year (summer of fall) on ways to use the Internet to market our game as well as to better serve or players. Any ideas are welcome. If you go to let me know about other websites. The list is not complete as there are 100s of sites, but many are not up to date, too local or lacking in some way.

All ideas are welcome.

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