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Facts About Online "Support Your Clubs" Games

I wanted more facts so I e-mailed Joe Jones (ACBL's Executive Director) at 3 am.  His reply (sent at 5:19 am Mississippi time!):

Hello Kevin,

We will better communicate the details of this game to you and everyone else later this morning. We have been moving quickly and are excited to be able to do something to help clubs. The basics- $5 per person pair game earning black points with $4 going back to the players’ usual club. The game will be at 5pm Eastern with a 1pm Eastern game being added next week. Thanks to Live for Clubs, we can see where people usually play.

Coming soon- clubs will be able to set-up their own game restricted to their usual players with most of the revenue going to the club. It is taking more time for BBO to get this ready. We have already done the programming to accept these game files into Live for Clubs.




Still to be answered:

  • "Is the game stratified? What are the Strats?"
  • "Sounds like there will be a lot of sections and many players. Will the field be balanced across the sections? We don't want to play in a section with too many A pairs and not enough C pairs!"
  • "How many Masterpoints are we talking about? Isn't there some maximum number of Masterpoints a Club game can award to overall winners?"

Stay tuned to ACBL or BBO for more "later this morning"

Thanks to Joe Jones for the rapid reply with enough of the requested facts that I can encourage my Club players to participate while we all await Club-specifc games being rolled out and BBO processing the queue of Club Directors awaiting BB Director certification!  

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