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Failure to pre-alert Midchart Convention?

The Mar 19, 2015 Daily Bulletin* featured Appeals Case 1 in which the North-South pair had an uncontested auction 1-2 where 2 showed an artificial balanced invite (not alerted). They clearly had a misunderstanding, muddled through, got a good result, lost it in committee.


South apparently forgot they were playing this midchart convention. But Midchart says: "When using a method permitted by the Mid-Chart but not by the General Convention Chart, a pair is required to: 1. Pre-Alert the method(s) 2. Have a written description of the method(s) available for the opponents." How likely is it that South forgot a convention where (in theory) the N-S pair were pre-alerting each and every round? My guess would have to be that they weren't doing so. If not, why not? Was the need to pre-alert even discussed in committee?


This is obviously just speculation, for all I know N-S were pre-alerting, but I haven't noticed too many pairs pre-alerting at all, this convention in particular.


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