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"Fat Finger Syndrome"

Like everyone else in these turbulent times, I am playing much more online bridge, on my computer - all good, nice big screen, on a tablet, so, so, smaller screen, harder to navigate, and on my phone, difficult, for me at least, because I have the dreaded, "Fat Finger Syndrome".  This disease manifests itself typically when I bid one suit and another magically appears on the screen or when I play a triumphant Ace to defeat a beautifully defended contract and another, different card appears.  I know that I have to be careful but I am old (not that old!) and so too I bet are many players who are new to online bridge who suffer similarly.


What is the answer?  Ask for a redo?  I have a 50% success rate with, I suspect, my opposition being as inept as I am.  Should I take more care?  Well actually I take quite a lot, but, if, as I do, you find bridge an exciting game, you sort of get carried away with it.  Set rules on accepting and allowing redos?  Good idea, but, at the moment I am playing socially, what happens as there are more and more meaningful online games that people seriously want to win?  Will everyone request a second chance?  Will this lead to accusations of UI?  What happens if you allow some but not others?


If online bridge is now today's only currency, then how can it be made easier for us neophytes to enjoy?

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