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Favorite swindles and other turns of events

I was hoping that some of you would be willing to share your favorite stories about funny events at the card table.  No limitations. They can be swindles, colorful personalities, or just interesting results during an IMP match. 

Here are few of mine. 

1. When I was 21, I decided to make a few extra bucks caddying at a weekend sectional tournament in Seattle. As I went around, I passed Billy Miller’s table. For whatever reason, they were in a raucous and jovial mood. As I picked up the slips, Billy made some teasingly patronizing comment about the great service.  A bit tongue in cheek, I asked if I could get him anything else.  He retorted, “Yeah, a scotch on the rocks.“. Not sure why, but his table mates all seemed to think this was hilarious,. The next round, as I am picking up slips, I wordlessly plop down a double Chivas l had retrieved from the hotel bar on his table corner. Billy was stunned, almost stuttering, and could not bring himself to imbibe, presumably because he was with a client.  However, the surrounding tables found it very amusing.  I walked away with some serious satisfaction hearing them cackle while Billy tried to find the right words.  He graciously gave me a signed “Dear Billy” book later that day with the inscription, “To John Ferman- A caddy for the ages.”

2. Playing in a Swiss as a total rookie with my two younger brothers and a fourth older gentleman, my brother opens a weak 2.  All pass. +140. At the other table, for some reason my other brother, playing with older gent, gets and takes the opportunity in third seat to open 1 with Aqxx.  All pass.  Minus 100.  Older gent is fuming at him for the tactic, but it was fun to pick up imps playing in spades both ways. 

3. My bro opens 1NT with eight hearts.  His partner staymans and finds the 8-4 fit, played making 4 undisturbed when 4+ was cold the other way.  The irritation it caused the opponents is what’s memorable. 

4. Same bro opens 2 in third seat favorable with 9xxxx.  LHO has a 19 count with akj10xx. LHO  p has the q. They played 3NT while 6 was cold. Not sure I have ever elsewhere seen someone preempt with a suit in which the opps have a cold slam. 

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