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Feature Request -- Ignore Articles

As of now, we can "ignore" people, but we can't "ignore" articles. I'd like that the ability to "ignore" articles be added as a feature, maybe in the same area that already includes "Like" and "Flag".

I would guess that everybody has come across articles that they have no interest (or further interest) in, but those articles continue to populate the Home screen, taking up real estate unneccessarily. IMHO, it would be nice to mark those articles and no longer have to look at them to the exclusion of articles of interest.

One of my pet peeves is bidding problems posted as articles. This doesn't seem to bother a lot of people (although it might if it were abused more often). The people who follow those "articles" sure don't want to hear from me yet again about a bidding problem as an article. If I were able to "ignore" the article, win-win.

Sure, I could go ahead and "ignore" the poster, but to me that is overkill, it is an all-or-nothing choice, effectively capital punishment for a misdemeanor. Plus, for all practical purposes, once someone is "ignored", that election never gets turned off (there is no maintenance that I am aware of that allows access to an "ignore" list -- maybe that is another feature request?).

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