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Feeling like Geir

Two days ago Geir Helgemo stated in a post on Bridgewinners that for the first time in his life he felt happy not to go to the Bermuda Bowl. I remember reading and admiring his gracious post and wondering how I possibly would feel, never having had the opportunity to go to the Bermuda Bowl before, should the same thing happen to me that had happened to him.

Sadly I didn’t have to wait long to find out. I am not going to the Bermuda Bowl. Yet instead of feeling miserable I feel a sense of relief and happiness. What at first sight might seem like a loss is in reality a huge gain not only for myself, but for the whole bridge community. Starting with the Bermuda Bowl all future bridge tournaments will be much cleaner and more enjoyable events to play in. And we all have a much fairer chance to fight for glory again.

And last but not least I am looking forward to congratulating the TRUE winners of the upcoming Bermuda Bowl.

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