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Pairs at a local sectional.

Partner opens 2C: 8-11hcp, 5+ clubs, may have a 4cM.

RHO doubles. You pass. Your LHO passes, partner bids 2S, RHO doubles, you pass, LHO closes the auction with a bid of 3NT.

These are the opponents two hands: RHO had: KQxxxx JTxxx xx void. LHO had: void Axx AKJxx AKJTx

Question: do you think your LHO "fielded" the Double(s)?


PS: I played a few times with my RHO a year or two ago. I stopped as I found it hard to bid ethically when responding to very weird takeout doubles. Not to say that this is really what happened here, just want a gut check from others. Thanks.

Yes, clearly fielded.....close to 100% sure.
Maybe fielded.......about 25% sure it was fielded.
Unsure.......about 50-50.
Probably not fielded.....about 75% sure the actions taken were reasonable.
Definitely not fielded.....close to 100% sure.

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