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FIGB Sentencing Document in Fantunes Case

The Italian FIGB document, which I saw on Neaopolitan Club for the first time just now (apologies if it's been shown here before) is very interesting, in that it covers several points that have not been resolved completely anywhere else.

1.  FIGB has taken jurisdiction even though the offenses took place outside Italy. If this is a precedent, the IBF can take jurisdiction for what its members do in tournaments with which it has, technically, nothing to do.  The Cavendish, for example.  

2.  FIGB took jurisdiction even though the accused were not playing for Italy and are technically from Monaco, because they are Italian citizens.

3.  FIGB is the first body, at least in public, to detail its judgement based at least in part on statistics.

4.  FIGB makes an  important point --  that a signal sent is an offense, even if partner of the signaller does not act on it.  This is relevant with so-called "lead" signals, confirming the view expressed by Kit Woolsey and others that the criterion is what is in the "signaller's" hand, not whether the recipient acts on it.

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