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Finding or Avoiding this potential Slam



(1) You've agreed to play a basic 2/1 style with a newcomer to your club who has refreshingly said "I'm a life master but you'd never know it."

Soon, you hold this hand and open 1H.

♠ Q76♥ AKQJ62♦ A7♣ A5

You then see 1H-pass-2H.

Your call?



(2) You're playing an enhanced 2/1 system with a regular partner -- since you're a BW reader I know you'll find or avoid this potential slam.

(a) Do you begin with 3C or something else?

(b) Partner's hand is 

♠ K9♥ 974♦ 42♣ KQ10976


How would your auction go? 




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