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First day table count in HNL (excluding NLM)

Looks like the 1P Open Pairs had 21 tables, the 7:30P 28.5, the swiss was 10 tables, the KO was 11 tables (2 Brackets).  This is a total of 70.5 tables.  A year ago in San-Diego those same events had 107 tables (there seems to have been only one KO bracket of 7 tables).  The 7:30P pair game alone was 55 tables in San-Diego.  That is a reduction of 35% and it is not bad considering all the doom and gloom.  35% reduction from San-Diego will put the table count at the upper 7K number.  Yes - new recent law - but not a disaster.  Hope the next few days will no worst than a 35% reduction compare to last year.  Maybe we will be surprised with an even less of a reduction.

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