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First Official Collusive Cheating Case in Turkey!

I wanted to write this about  1-2 months ago, but before I proceed I asked BW whether it is appropriate or not. Rightly so I was told to wait the official decision by the Discipline comittee of TBF (Turkish Bridge Federation) and its release to public. I was told this is different than the Boye's case, because on this one the authorities (TBF official directors) took action and gave the case to TBF Discipline Committee to investigate the case and it would not be appropriate for this to be published in BW before the official decision was made. And comittee reached a decision and released their decision to public today. Below link is the TBF official site, page where they publish the names and the amount of penalty applied. (2 names from bottom) 


So what is the case? 

Alleged person is the #1 Sponsor player at bridge in Turkey.  Mr. Salim Yilankiran. He is a client who hires 4 of the top pros in Turkey over 9 years if I remember correctly.  He has a very succesful bridge record, which can be explained due to the names he hired at teams but he also has an impressive success at pair events without those pros. He has been reported and complained many times for his weird but winning plays in defense and while declaring. He was the winner of 2016 masterpoint race in Turkey. The plays he made was so weird that people suspected he either has the hand records somehow or getting help from a kibitzer. 

Directors spotted that he always plays with one kibitzer. This kib goes to every tournament, every city he goes and watches his table. So TBF directors decided to monitor the player. They place cameras in two big pair events. And the footage from these events have been watched by top Turkish expert players (Murat Molva, Nuri cengiz, Cengiz Arigun, Levent Ozgul, Can Berktas, Hakan Goksu) They decided that it was obvious how the player and the kibitzer were communicating, and their code was cracked. So after their judgement, TBF decided to give the case to Discipline Committee to investigate and make a decision. Note that TBF governing members and discipline committee are elected by the votes of delegates from all cities every 4 years and Discipline Committee, once receives the case, judges and decides independently from the TBF governing members. TBF  is governed by Turkish Sports Ministery. The appeal to the decision can be made to "Tahkim" (arbitration) and this is the last place that can be appealed inside the country for sportive disputes. 

Discipline Committee, after long investigation and listening to the defense Lawyers, found the alleged player guilty of "acting against the ethics and morality of the game and dishonorable behaviour" and sentenced to ban for life from all TBF activities!

TBF did not release the videos yet and waiting for the decision of "Tahkim" since the lawyers of alleged player appealed to the decision. According to what I have been told it is interesting that in their defense there is almost nothing that says why their client is innocent. All they have in hand and focused is that they believe the cameras which are placed without the permission of their client can not be used as a proof because they are illegal.  

This is where the argument starts. Lawyers are right according to Turkish Criminal Laws. Other side says TCL does not apply in sport events. Especially due to being related to Turkish Sports Ministery and so many kids are involved in these events, TBF has the right to monitor its matches for the sake and protection of common people.

Another argument is about the sentence itself and life time ban being so harsh.

Third argument is the teammates of the alleged player. All the evidence collected so far are from pair events. Will this affect the team members and the masterpoints?

Tahkim will make the final decision. If Tahkim finds the alleged player guilty, they can still change the length of the sentence (which they probably will because I never seen any athlete or player having a life time ban for doping and/or other violations by sports ministery) 

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