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First time for me

Hi all, 

I will give it a small try in writing an article in some of the happenings during my bridge thought process.

Playing an IMP match vs known opponents, playing with  agressive partner. We are young players, but aren't we all? :)

We pick up this hand xAK9765AKxAQx 

 Our partner Vul vs NV opens 1 and our RHO overcalls 2nt (minors 5-5). Now I am on my first crossroads. I flash a recent memory from this set of boards against RHO. In this occasion he opened 1h in 3rd seat favorable. I was holding


I was pretty confident that he was bluffing but I am playing with agressive partner who will come to picture if necessary to collect some nice number from this guy. LHO raises to 2 our partner comes to live with to, RHO gives it a smooth duck as the rest of the table. Lead x in hope of shortening myself :)

Dummy 10xxxKQxA1098xx

trick went to our partner's K and his A. When he played Q on trick 2 I was pretty confident I had it. I proceeded with trumps. Our partner answered on 1st, and after that even on 2nd. RHO was fair enough to cash his A and conceed for -800. (Our 4 has 4 top losers).In the view of knowing this information I am thinking of my next and consequent moves. My first options that I find worth considering and are available in my system are:

3 (forsing with )x - points (usually excludes any other bids that we could have bid on first occasion).

In this positions when our opponents are bidding massively destructive towards our strong hand I like to show first the suit and the nature of my card as I can with 3 bid so I decide to go for it. Penalty double with idea of doubling them seems like an option, but I am not prefering due to the reason I can explain but not here :).My priorities in playing contracts in this specifical position are

1.Heart slam2.Major suit game3.Spade slem4.6nt 

Due to the nature of my card if I find any interest for hearts I am planning on blackwooding towards small slem at least, if I see my partner doesn't have any interest for it I usually tend to keep the things slower but due to my bigger playing strength and possibly less minor suit cards in my RHO I will tend to bid more optimistic. First New Year's Eve decision as well. 

On 3 the soup warms up RHO comes in with 3 and partner bids 3. Our agreements in this situation suggest that 3 indicates not too much but some solid spade potential to play game. Since we are already in forsing situation he is one step ahead and is showing that his hand is indicating spades as focus for his side.

LHO passes and it's back to me. I am planning on making some extra moves but my first one is to bid 4. This is undiscussed cuebid with tendencies for my partner to show me what is happening. If he bids 4d I will know for his shortness (of how much usefulness is that I couldnt really tell but I could make a more educated try ), 4 shows some tolerance for on which I can give chance for slam in hearts, and on 4 I also have some crossroads.

He continues with 4 and I am in problems. His shape tends to be something like 7123,7222(mb would bid 4 now),8122,7024,8023. I know he doesn't have 6223, maybe 6124. In that case that phone number we missed is really big. Passing now is an option, as it is bidding 4nt as bw for in which case I could maybe find out for strict number of KC for planning to play in , or mb even 5 as some sort of general strong invitational bid which shows focus to spade suit quality. Thinking of my options from this point of view. I would rank bids 1.5,2.4nt,3.pass with 5 looking very pretty, pass as an defetistic view to world which I like to take in this sort of hands, and with 4nt as an ok bid to make.I decide to bid something that is not good. 6, hoping to catch a partner with 7222 on which he would sometimes give preference to his hearts. Maybe hitting some Q or something else nice. I don't like my bid. All pass, and I wait.

Opponent leads x and our partner landsAQ98xxx!J8!xx!KxI got pretty good dummy for my bidding effort, but I am still in problems. Let's make a small recap.

P        RHO        We        LHO 

1     (2nt)        3       (3)

3        p          4           p4        p          6 all pass


lead x




I will tackle the play ideas some other day. Thx all that managed to finish it. Bye, have fun 


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