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First we take Manhattan . . .

BW is playing a historic role in the cheating scandal as a clearinghouse for information and a focal point for gathering evidence through crowd sourcing. Posters have acted at various times as investigator, prosecutor, defense attorney, expert witness, judge, jury, even hangman. Much of the commentary has been thoughtful and well-informed -- much more illuminating than one would find in a typical committee room.

Some posters are now identifying pressure points on ACBL, EBL, WBF, sponsors and others to force them to get off their duffs and clean up the game. If that happens, fascinating as the saga has been so far, the best is yet to come and BW should get a special award in recognition. (Suggested name: "the Edgar Kaplan Award")

Maybe I haven't been paying attention, but this "on-line justice" is new to me. It makes me wonder if we are seeing a pattern where BW-like community actions can be applied to areas like politics or business. The daily news always has juicy scandals about city hall skirting rules, bad cops, bad politicians, illicit influence, fraud, insider trading and so on. We talk of transparency of our bridge organizations. What degree of transparency in business or government would allow an interested BW-like group to expose the next Enron, or housing bubble, or Madoff, or VW fraud?

(reference of title: First we take Manhattan - Leonard Cohen)

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