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Fisher-Schwartz seek lifting of temporary suspension

In a letter dated December 31 and posted on Facebook on January 5, the attorney for Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz has asked the Israel Bridge Federation Special Ethics Committee investigating charges of cheating lift the temporary suspension against the two players.  In the letter Dror Arad-Ayalon asserts that the suspension has damaged the professional careers of the two Israeli internationals.  Ayalon-Arad's letter notes the postponement of several scheduled hearings,  that multiple hearings scheduled for December and early January have been replaced with a single public hearing slated for January 21, and that almost two months have passed since Fisher and Schwartz filed a 400-page response to accusations against them, in early November.

The letter, which is available only in Hebrew, has no official translation to date and is several pages long, notes that the guilt or innocence of Fisher and Schwartz has not been determined, causing them to miss several important tournaments and competitions including the Vilna Cup, the Russian Teams Championships and the Cavendish International.  In addition, it suggests that no matter what determination is made, Fisher and Schwartz have already lost a year in their professional careers, since contracts with sponsors are usually signed at the end of a calendar year.

According to Ayalon-Arad's letter, Fisher-Schwartz were unable to compete in the recent trials for the Israeli team for this year's European Open Championships.  It says that Amir Levin, a member of the team that won the trials, is one of the authors of "The Israeli Doctors," a detailed document seeking to indicate that the accused pair illegally passed information by coughing and other means, and that according to information allegedly in the possession of the defense team two other members of the team, Michael Barel and Yaniv Zak, "are connected" to the Doctors accusations.  


The Hebrew text, for those with the ability to read it, is located at:



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