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Fit Jumps vs Splinters in competition

I've had this come up a few times, so curious about how people play it and also pros/cons etc.

For those who play fit jumps in competition, in an auction like 1 (1) 4 - what is your preferred treatment for 4 in that sequence?

Obviously 3 would be a fit jump which would allow 4 to be a splinter. However, 3 doesn't set a GF which can make followup auctions more challenging. If responder has a very shapely GF hand and it is likely the opponents are about to bid 4, then treating 4 as a fit jump can set the GF and also help partner make good decisions about bidding on, doubling etc over the likely 4.

On the flipside, splinters are useful for a reason. Just because they have bid doesn't mean we don't have a slam and side shortness might work out. For example, club shortness could pair with the right hand to find a heart slam if partner has spade shortness.

Does your opinion change if playing a limited opening/strong club style system?

If playing it as a fit jump, do you have another way to show shortness? Perhaps 2NT as some sort of GF, with the ability to show shortness over the follow up bid?

Thanks for any votes/comments/insight/etc! :)

I prefer 4 as a splinter in that sequence
I prefer 4 as a fit showing jump in that sequence
My answer depends on the form of scoring
My answer depends on whether I'm playing limited openings
Both are equally fine, main thing is just to have an agreement

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