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Fit Showing Jumps or Weak Jump Shifts in Competition


LHO opens 1, Partner overcall 1, RHO passes. Now there are three basic options to play 3:

1. As preemptive, long diamonds and weak weak hand.

2. As a fit showing jump, that is 5+ diamonds and four card  support. strength is not our issue here.

3. As an invitational hand (10-11HCP) showing 6+ diamonds


I wonder what most members prefer to play here, choosing between the three. I would appreciate reasons of choice and comments or changes on different sequences; in other words, does your preference change when both opponents bid showing that the hand is theirs, or RHO passes or bids something showing that the hand may still be ours?


Thanks in advance

Preemptive (Weak Jump Shift)
Fit Showing Jump
Natural and Invitational
Natural and Forcing

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