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follow up to Christina's poll

Christina Syrakopoulou in a comment to her recent poll asked a question that I found interesting, but no one reponded to it as the comments petered out. Her original poll was on what the bidding might mean, not on how the hand should be bid. What she asked was:

"How would you bid this hand, playing professionally, after partner's one spade opening?"

S. Void

H. KJT98654 (she listed seven hearts, but the story indicates eight)

d. 5

C. JT95 (best to read entire article before voting for system information)

If anyone wants to comment as a matter of professional courtesy, either publically or by private message to Christina, feel free; but all, including amatuers and semi pros can vote as to how they would bid. For poll purposes assume matchpoints no one vulnerable. Christina stipulated French Five card major system with non forcing no trump, but for poll purposes let us assume two over one with either forcing or semi forcing no trump, whichever you play. . What is your call?

two hearts
one no trump- forcing
one no trump-semi forcing
three hearts
four hearts
one heart

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