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Forgive and forget?

There was an election today. For the most important position in bridge, the WBF presidency. The face of our game. It’s bizarre that the information about it has been so scarce, and that the three candidates have been next to silent about how they view the future of bridge. But why should they bother? The decision is taken behind closed doors. Gianarrigo Rona from Italy was elected as president for a third four-year period.

If there is something the last couple of years should have taught us, it’s that bridge is caving for integrity, democracy and transparency. Bridge needs change. How 12 out of 20 members of the Executive Council could vote for more of the same – rather than some fresh air at least – is hard to fathom. Janice (Seamon-Molson), Giorgio (Duboin), Al (Levy), Howie (Weinstein) et al, please explain to us – the players, not the lawyers and politicians – how this election is right for bridge.

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