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Fouled Board

As a director in an 8 teams round-robin tournament, players from 2 teams came to you and asked for score adjustment.

Here was the situation. Players in the close room played the correct board. in open room, North and Ease got the same hand in the same board, but South and West got the wrong hands that their hands were switched. Both teams claimed that they didn't make any mistake. They just take their hands, and they found the hands were different between open room and close room. And you were told that there is only one board wrong. How a strange situation was only happened in one table.

Now you were the TD, and the next round is coming to start. So you politely told them to continue the next round, and the results would be corrected as soon as possible. You checked the laws. According to Law 87 - FOULED BOARD of WBF Law 2007, you may use the correct score from the close room and compare to the the average scores from other 6 tables because they played same boards.

If you were the TD, what judgment would you make? To correct the score on the basis of Law 87? To make this board as a flat board? Or to make other judgment? What would you do?

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