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Four-suit transfer followed by 3M

This poll is for pairs who play four-suit transfers. The following general sequence(s) have at least two very different meanings. I'm curious what the relative proportions might be (and, secondarily, if there's a regional or age difference). Opponents are silent (and M is a major):



Please vote only if you play four-suit transfers with at least one partner. I'd rather not have people guessing what the sequence might mean if they did play four-suit transfers. If you play 2 as the range-ask or clubs, then please abstain--that's a different convention with its own follow-ups.

I've also chosen not to complicate matters by distinguishing between pre-acceptance versus not. If you feel you can't answer the question in both cases, then please assume that opener has "liked" the suit.

Feel free to add demographic information with your vote in the comments.

3M shows shortness (in M).
3M is natural showing a four-card side suit.
3M has some other meaning.

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