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Foursomes - Another modest proposal for the GNT's

While I do not like a lot of the ideas proposed in Dave Caprera's thread about the GNT's, perhaps a sensible direction is for some of our major events to disallow five and six person teams. 

If you want to see less professionalism in bridge (I don't), requiring a weaker player on the team to play all the boards would magnify their mistakes. 

However, the reason why I think that this idea might have legs is that it emphasizes the physical aspect of bridge. Playing 60 boards a day is taxing, especially when you have to do it for days on end. Additionally, when you have a 4-bagger, you have a physical disadvantage to a team with five or six. Also, the participation would have to increase since you have fewer players per team (duh) and player subsidies should rise. 

What do you think? 

I like it - bridge is a four handed game, and teams should reflect this.
I'm not sure but I would support trying the concept on a pilot basis and see if it boosts participation.
Are you kidding? The quality of bridge would suffer. You wouldn't want to watch a Clippers / Cavs final with only five players on each team!
Another answer because I like to be contrarian. Please read my annoying response below.

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