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Free Android DD Solver

I have found an excellent double-dummy solver (and more) for Android phones and tablets. I do not know the author (John Goacher), but he has done a great job. You can now take your tablet to the club and, if you have a minute in between rounds, show your partner exactly where he went wrong. He is sure to enjoy the experience!

Name: Bridge Solver



Interactive bridge hand analyser utilising Bo Haglund's well known double dummy solver module.Calculates makeable contracts, par contracts and par scores for any bridge hand.

Select a contract and play the hand interactively to investigate various lines of play. On the opening lead the maximum number of tricks that can be made by the defenders for each possible lead is shown, assuming optimum subsequent play by the declarer and defenders. After each card is played the same information is shown for the next position, the optimum cards being highlighted in green at each stage.

Enhance the experience of browsing session results on bridge websites. Bridge Solver can browse and bookmark websites, and grab hands directly from hand diagrams on web pages hosted on ACBL (several diagram formats), BridgeWebs, Pianola, Bridge Base Online (movie links), EBU Sims, and ECatsBridge Sims. Analyse the hands through double dummy analysis or interactive card play.

Tap on a link to a .PBN, .DLM, or BBO .LIN file in Bridge Solver's browser to download and import deals. Play the recorded contract(s) from a .LIN file with full double dummy analysis at each step, highlighting where the recorded line of play is non optimal. Follow the recorded line of play or investigate alternatives by choosing a different playable card at any point in the play.

Alternatively, analyse deals input manually or import deals from a PBN, DLM, or LIN file on local storage.

Export deals to a PBN file on local storage.

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