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Frustration With BBO Directors

I do not think that I am the only person who is having problems with BBO Directors.

What can be done about this problem?  A few days ago, my LHO opened a NT with

three spades, five hearts, four diamonds and the two of clubs. RHO bid Stayman

with a seven count and no four card major. LHO bid two hearts and RHO bid 2NT

and LHO bid three hearts which was raised to four. RHO had Kxx,Kxx,xx,Jxxxx.

No alert about not having a major. My partner then led a diamond which blew

up the suit instead of a spade which would give us a chance. I pointed out that

the NT was not legal in ACBL tournaments and there was no alert about the 2NT

invite with no major. The Director said there is no penalty for bidding a NT

with a small singleton so no adjustment. Also, I should ask about  the 2NT

bid! Again no adjustment. What do you think would happen if I asked about

the 2NT bid and my partner led a spade? Again, why have alerts if opponents

do not have to alert anything? This is getting very frustrating.

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