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Funding international teams = Funding Cheating!

The District Director (Mr. Ken Monzingo) for D22 has published another article in our monthly district newsletter railing against the ACBL to fund our international teams and WBF. In my opinion, he sinks to a new level by labeling the upper echelon of bridge as cheaters, but you can judge for yourself:

Some excerpts: 

1. "Fast forward to today and cheating among the international elite in our game, as detestable as that sounds, is, unfortunately, a fact of life in the fast lane"

2. "Makes me proud we annually donate $225K to support our troops’ global travel. And send another hefty $165K each year to WBF for a phony “membership,” allowing our teams to compete in some world competitions. For a great read on WBF scandals, and an insightful tour of the world championships, pick up a copy of our own John Swanson’s Inside the Bermuda Bowl".

3. "The real ACBL is more than 90% the clubs – all 3000 of them. Yet, as I’ve stated in the past, most motions dealt with by my national board of directors are geared to pleasing less than 1%: our experts/professionals and their tournaments. Much to their chagrin, we recently passed a board motion to charge a fee for NABC+ sessions that use bidding screens. I guess they expect us to pay the required $13K in extra equipment, extra space, extra directors and extra labor the screens require. Why need screens anyway? The answer: cheating. The motive: lots of money and fame".

4.  "Just as there’s no crying in baseball, there is no cheating in club bridge. Who would taint the camaraderie and friendly atmosphere we enjoy at home with such dastardly deeds? That we’ll leave to the upper echelon. And their screens".

Apparently his opposition to funding international play is not gaining a foothold with his fellow directors, so he needs to resort to this approach.    


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