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Game Force hands playing SAYC

Ignoring strong club systems, old fashioned Acol opening twos and multi two bids that include strong options, what type of hand constitutes a 2 Club game force opening bid? My usual test is fairly simple - would I be unhappy if my partner passes my opening one bid? If the answer is yes then I will open a strong 2 Clubs. This hand came up on BBO the other night and created some heated debate. You are in third position, after two passes, Non Vul v Vul:

S A K Q 9 6 2 

H 2 

D 2 

C A K 8 5 3

What is your opening bid? It’s unlikely that 1 Spade will be passed out but it could be and you have a 3 loser hand. If partner has some spade support with one red Ace and the Queen of Clubs then 6 Spades is making. What is your opening bid? It seems there are only 3 choices. What would you open?

1 Spade
4 Spades
2 Clubs (GF)

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