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Bridgescore+ (what used to be ACBLscore+) is going to be used in Gatlinburg again this year.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can use technology to help improve your player (or TD) experience in Gatlinburg, let me know. Either by posting here or by private email to

Most of the changes with Bridgescore+ make the TD's job a lot easier. To help us help you, please make sure that you always write your ACBL player number(s) clearly on all forms and that you add up the MPs on your team correctly. The player error rate (a team coming back with corrections to their MP total) can be as high as 5% in Gatlinburg.

We will be using projectors in both halls to help start the KOs, the compact KOs and the bracketed Swiss. We will also be using projectors when running some Swiss events. There's a strong possibility that we may have a limited trial of pre-registration for KO events. Baby steps. There's a lot of moving parts - software has to be fully tested and working, TD training, and in some cases player (that's you) learning how technology is helping you. We probably won't roll out Swiss teams or KOs with Bridgemates at Gatlinburg this year - sorry.

We will also be gathering more metrics to help us make better technology decisions in the future.

Some of these changes will be demo-ed at the Callaway Gardens (Pine Mountain) Regional next week. I'm going to be there for the first 2-3 days if anyone wants to bring private suggestions.

I will also be having some meetings with the District 7 Tournament Operations Committee (TOC) and DIC in Callaway on what we plan to offer for Gatlinburg. There's still time for us to add some features for Gatlinburg, hence this request for suggestions.

Many thanks to the Gatlinburg Committee, District 7, and the DIC for being receptive to ideas for improving the experience for everyone and be willing to implement them.


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