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Gazzilli with 4/5+ in the majors


For many, The Bridge World's May 2005 article by Giovanni Bobbio (who on occasion posts to this site) likely contains a/the reference version to Gazzilli.

I am curious for those who use this method, or similar, how major suit 4/5+ hands are handled.  For the avoidance of doubt, let's consider this in three ranges and assume a semi-forcing 1NT response where relevant (the article did not stipulate a semi-forcing or forcing 1NT response, but rather, said it would be suitable for any strong 1NT opening context)

  1. Strong enough to reverse (or bid 2 Gazzilli in the Strong sense), e.g. 16+ hcp
  2. Medium strength, e.g. 14-15 hcp
  3. Weak strength, e.g. 11-13 hcp


I am assuming, as the article indicates, that 1 1NT 2 retains its normal "reverse, F1" meaning for case {1}.  What about cases {2} and {3} where a 2 rebid would be unsuitable, including 5431's, 6421's etc, not just 4=5=2=2?

Ian C

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