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Gender Discrepancy in Posting

I've noticed that more men than women post on Bridge Winners. So I just finished a minor experiment.

I picked the thread "Gender Standard for ACBL Events" by Dave Caprera. I chose it because it related to women playing bridge. I waited until it dropped off the front page, as then the posting volume decreases.

There were 381 posts, and I couldn't identify the gender from the poster's name in three posts. That left:

Men posts       256

Women posts  122

There's one obvious explanation for this. The higher the level of bridge, the more men there are. And I don't have figures on the difference in gender among Bridge Winners members. And I expect that the gender differences would be even more pronounced in other threads.


The number one women poster is Peg Kaplan. I think the top foreign women poster is Frances Hinden. 


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