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Gender Variance and Conditions of Contest

The following was approved by the general meeting of Finnish Bridge Federation as part of the general conditions of contest. The translation is unofficial (mine) and all the errors there are mine.


Definition of Gender Categories

Finnish Bridge Federation (FBF) recognizes gender variance in the conditions of contest. Everybody has the right to self-define the gender with own announcement or by other means or not define gender at all.

Even though FBF recognizes gender variance, WBF and EBL follow their own practices in the conditions of contest and these may vary from the practices of FBF. Teams selected for WBF and EBL competitions must comply with the relevant gender-identities in those tournaments where gender-identity matters.

FBF competitions, where gender categories matter are women and mixed events. In women events, both players must self-define themselves as women. In mixed events, one player must self-define themself as woman and one player must self-define themself as not woman.

FBF promotes equality in its own tournaments and in the higher organizational bridge bodies viz. WBF and EBL.


Are there other federations supporting gender variance and non-binary gender definitions? 

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