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GIB Idiocy of the Year Award

I keep reading about how well GIB plays the game.  Some things just defy any type of logic whatsoever.  Doesn't a human being have to program them to do what they do?  What can explain some of their actions then?

I see many of you playing in the GIB games, so you must have horror stories of your own.

I'd like to submit a couple of these GIB atrocities for the Award. 



Gib held KJT764, 9, 4, Q8742  He passed in first chair white/red.  So   P   1   Dbl   4 back to him.

He bid 5.



He opened 2 with 3 aces!   2, AT96542, A72, A3.


I admittedly know nothing about programming, but who could have programmed them to make  these bids?


And, what goofy things have they done to you?



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