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GNT Winners

District 25 (Frank Merblum - Doug Doub; Adam Grossack - Zach Grossack) defeated District 21 (JoAnna Stansby - Lew Stansby; Chip Martel - Kit Woolsey; David Grainger - Debbie Rosenberg) in the finals of the Open Grand National Teams.

Half of the winning team (Adam and Frank):

In Flight A, home team District 6 (Alex Prairie - Stephen Drodge; Sylvia Shi - Jian-Jian Wang) prevailed. Pictured: Stephen, Alex, and Sylvia.

In Flight B, District 23 (Om Chokriwala, Frederick Upton, Zheng Zhang, Nolan Chang, Jack Chang, and Jim Perkins)edged District 22 by a single imp, 124-123.

Flight C went to District 21: Chin Huang, Ming-Xiang Li, Donghui Lu, Michael Yang, Chun Chang, and Frank Xie.

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