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Gold Cup final stages - controversial end to semi-final

The Gold Cup is widely regarded as the most prestigious event in British bridge.  The semi-finals and final (64 boards in each case) are taking place this weekend.

In one semi-final, Sally Brock's team (Barry Myers; Martin Jones-Neil Rosen; Kay Preddy-Norman Selway) beat John Reardon's (Richard Butland; Pat Collins-Peter Law; Bill Hirst) by a relatively comfortable 33 IMP.  This will be the third consecutive final for Barry and Sally - they lost the two previous ones.

In the other semi-final, Alexander Allfrey's team (Andrew Robson; David Bakhsi-Tony Forrester; Mike Bell-David Gold; partnerships possibly flexible) outscored Derek Patterson's (Willie Whitaker; Andrew Black-Gunnar Hallberg; Phil King-Andrew McIntosh) by 3 IMP.  Allfrey had a 42 IMP lead with 16 boards to go but was outscored 57-18 in the final quarter.

However, Patterson played 4 IMP more quickly: his team was fined 9 IMP for slow play whilst Allfrey was fined 13 IMP.  So Patterson won by 1 IMP!


UPDATE EDIT: Patterson beat Brock in the final by 127 IMP (conceded after 56 boards)

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