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Gold Cup

There is currently a trending article on issues that arose in the Gold Cup final. This is considered by many to be the premier internal event for England , Scotland and Wales. 

The participation and the coverage of the event illustrate an alarming trend.

In the none too distant past the final stages of the event was run concurrently with a congress. Consequently some boards were watched by a significant number of spectators. That no longer happens and hardly anybody spectates.

BBO used to cover both semi finals but this year only one. Unfortunately in one stanza both teams had a pair that sat in the wrong direction.If  BBO had covered both tables the problem with seating would have been immediately discovered.

Numbers entering are nearly 40% lower than 2010. 

I know from other articles there are serious concerns in the USA on the average age of the membership.

I believe other countries are being more successful.

Any sensible suggestions as to how this trend can be reversed.

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