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good ruling?

In a Bakersfield club game I was south, north was dealer and the auction went P P P 1H,  then double 2H P P 3C.  Partner's 3C was made after a significant hesitation after which E called the director and said I (south) should be barred because of partner's excessive hesitation. He said he wanted to know if I was barred before he bid, but he asked the director to ask me to say what I would do if I weren't barred!  Director agreed and I was barred. She didn't respond to his request for my plan if I weren't barred---maybe because she was in a hurry to get back to the table at which she was playing, E bid 3H which was passed out.  East again asked me what I would have done if I hadn't been barred, but I declined to answer.  This really happened.

director is right
director doesn't understand the game

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