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Greedy B*st*rd in the Poker World

“In short, Mr. P.....'s poker winnings – considered in the prism of both metrics and hand-for-hand decision making – on Stones Live Poker have been not merely outliers but, in fact, exponential outliers, representing a quality of play multiple degrees higher than that achieved by the best poker players in the world,” it continues.


It was the phrase 'exponential outliers' that caught my attention.  If this gets into a courtroom  (though I doubt it will) we might learn more nuggets on how best to nail our own future miscreants.

I fear, however, that bridge players bent on gaining an advantage, will not be so blatant in the future.

Have we learned how to overcome the previous failure with the CAS?  vis a vis the preponderence/reasonable doubt/ burden of proof?

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